Important Information before you start the Registration process for the Client Advisor Register

The registration office of BX Swiss offers a fully digital process for entry into the client advisor register. The process is simple, intuitive and can be completed within minutes. During the registration process you will be asked for documents that you need to upload as PDF documents via the online platform. You can interrupt the process at any time and save your request. As the online platform is currently only available in English, you will find a table with translations of the registration process or the online platform (translation in German, French and Italian) under the following link: Translation table for the online registration platform.

The easiest way is to obtain the following documents in advance and have them ready for you:

Current copy of your ID or passport (name, first name, date of birth, issuing authority, validity, machine-readable Code)

Current curriculum vitae (dated and signed). You can also upload a copy of your LinkedIn profile, XING profile, etc. here, as long as it is current, complete, and signed (as a PDF scan)

Current extract from criminal records (not older than 90 days)

Diplomas, certificates, evidence of training proving their sufficient knowledge of the rules of conduct set out in FinSA and the professional skills required for their activity (Art. 6 FinSA). In addition, an employer’s confirmation covering the relevant fields of activity may also be submitted. Ultimately, the decisive factor in proving the required knowledge is whether a coherent overall picture emerges for the registration office. This also includes previous professional experience. For further information please refer to our Guidelines concerning proof of the required knowledge according to Art. 6 FinSA.

Current employer confirmation (Example: template) with confirmation that the client advisor has professional liability insurance in accordance with Art. 32 FinSO (or equivalent financial security in accordance with Art. 33 FinSO)

A copy of the professional liability insurance (Art. 32 FinSO) and the corresponding insurance conditions or proof of equivalent financial security (Art. 33 FinSO). The documents to be submitted must show that the legal requirements are fully met and include the client advisor.

You must also indicate during the registration process to which ombudsman office pursuant to Art. 77 FinSA you or the financial services provider for whom you work are affiliated. Please note that the connection to the ombudsman’s office must have already been made and confirmed by the ombudsman’s office.

Further questions:

If you have further questions, please consult our FAQ, where you will find frequent questions/answers regarding registration.

Information about IncaMail:

IncaMail is the e-mail encryption service of Swiss Post, through which you can legally receive and retrieve the electronically sent decision of BX Swiss AG regarding entry in the client advisor register. We recommend that you open a free IncaMail account in advance: Open an IncaMail account.

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