Prospectus verification

Prospectuses and supplementary documents that have been checked and approved by the BX Swiss review office are provided with a seal of approval. The documents can then be checked for authenticity on this website.

The procedure works as follows:

  1. First, the issuer or offeror of financial instruments applies for approval to BX Swiss, which checks the prospectus for conformity with the FinSA. If this is the case, BX Swiss affixes its seal of approval to the prospectus.
  2. BX Swiss uses Certifaction’s software to calculate the unique fingerprint (hash value) of the PDF. This hash value is then secured on the Ethereum block chain with the signature of BX Swiss.
  3. When the issuer/offeror makes its prospectus available to the public, e.g. on its website, the investor can download it and verify its authenticity using the verification tool on this website. Click here to try it yourself with a sample document. Then drag & drop the document into the window below.

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    Seit 2020 führt die BX Swiss AG im Rahmen des schweizerischen Bundesgesetzes über die Finanzdienstleistungen (FIDLEG) eine FINMA zugelassene Prüfstelle für Prospekte und ein Beraterregister.


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