Proof of the required knowledge according to Art. 6 FinSA

In order to be entered in the Swiss client advisor register of BX Swiss AG, client advisors must provide proof that they have the required knowledge as per Art. 6 FinSA. A distinction is made between sufficient knowledge of the rules of conduct under FinSA and the professional knowledge required to perform the activity. Below you will find a selection of institutes whose training and further education is accepted by the Registration Office. The list is not exhaustive and does not constitute a recommendation. If your education and further training is not listed, please refer to the guidelines concerning proof of the required knowledge according to Art. 6 FinSA.

Knowledge of the rules of conduct according to FinSA

Professional knowledge

The Registration Office of BX Swiss AG, which maintains the register of client advisors, does not itself offer any training or further education. BX Swiss AG is neither affiliated with the providers mentioned on this website nor does it receive any remuneration for recommendations.

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